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  Water Proof Flexible Metallic Conduit, Metal Wire Braided ( YF-704 ) Robotics Spot Welding Line Wirings

typically used for steel mills machineries, robotics and petrochemical industrial cable protection 
*Galvanized steel helically wound, square locked type construction  braided metallic conduit
 with PVC coating and wire over-braid. Metal braiding provides increased abrasion resistance.
*1/4"~6" trade size  *Water-tight *EMI/RFI shielding *Resists hot metal splashes

Delikon Heavy Series Flexible Sheath Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings for steel mill power and data cable protection
    *Wire over-braiding provides more abrasion resistance and efficient EMI/RFI shielding.
    Explosion proof.
    *Durable and long life.
    *Inner core made from  galvanized steel strip.
    *Square locked construction for more dynamic flexibility.
    *Resists hot metal  splashes and high temperature
    *PVC covering provides water & moisture protections for the electrical conductors

    Braided flexible conduit assembly
    Over-braided flexible conduit system with connectors


    Suitable for use in Hazardous Locations; Industrial environments where higher abrasion resistance or screening and water tightness are required. Most suitable for petrochemical and steel mills electric wirings management.
 Delikon Heavy Series Flexible Sheath Over Braided Flexible Conduit and Fittings
Over Braided Water Proof Flexible Metal Conduit,EMI shielding,water proof,resists hot metal splashes
Clean data transmission in a noisy environment is an ever increasing requirement on today's crowded factory floors. Braided flexible steel conduit systems provide excellent EMI and RFI shielding, as well as mechanical protection, resulting in improved data transmission for factory automations.
Type Trade Size I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Min Bending Radius (mm) Meter/Coil
Min. Max. Min. Max.
YF-70400 5mm 4.8 5.3 9.3 9.9 40 100
YF-70401 8mm 8.0 8.4 13.0 13.4 50 100
YF-70402 1/4" 9.7


15.4 15.7 60 100
YF-70403 3/8" 12.3


18.5 19.0 70 50
YF-70404 1/2" 15.7 16.3 21.8 22.3 90 50
YF-70406 3/4" 20.7 21.2 27.2 27.7 110 50
YF-70410 1" 26.2 26.8 33.7 34.4 150 50
YF-70412 1-1/4" 34.7 35.4 42.5 43.2 175 30
YF-70414 1-1/2" 40.0 40.6 48.4 49.3 200 25
YF-70420 2" 51.3 51.9 60.4 61.3 230 20
YF-70424 2-1/2" 62.9 63.6 73.1 74.0 250 10
YF-70430 3" 77.9 78.7 88.8 89.9 300 10
YF-70440 4" 101.6 102.6 114.2 115.3 500 10
YF-70450 5" 125.0 127.0 141.0 144.0 580 5
YF-70460 6" 150.0 153.0 166.0 169.0 650 5

Typical Applications For Over Braided Flexible Metallic Conduit and Fittings :

Heavy industry wiringsBraided Flexible Metallic Conduits

Over braided flexible steel conduit,water proof
 For Heavy   

1) Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) considerations, EMC screening:
         *computers rooms *telecommunications *control systems *PLC circuit
2) Abrasion resistance considerations:
         *railway rolling stock *heavy duty industrial applications 
3) Hot metal splashes resistance considerations:
         *steel mills *petrochemical plants
, Heavy Industrial wirings
4) Mechanical integrity:
         *security/CCTV *anti-vandal applications *robotics *Ships & Trains

*EMI/RFI shielding  *Water-tight  *Resists hot metal splashes  *Abrasion Resistant

Heavy Series Conduit Fittings for heavy flexible sheath,heavy series over braided flexible conduit
Delikon heavy series flexible sheath flexible conduit and heavy series fittings are ideal for protecting crucial communication and power cables in Banks, air ports, and train stations.
Complete Range of Delikon Quality Liquid Tight ConduitsLiquid Tight Conduit
for commercial and industry
*All sizes and dimensions listed above are subject to manufacturing tolerances. braided metallic conduit
*Standard Packaging: Shrink wrapped coil. Other custom packaging methods or of longer length is also possible upon request and our approval.       
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Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industryFor Industry Automation Connectors and fittings for braided flexible conduitCONNECTORS & FITTINGS FOR
Suitable connectors
Heavy series flexible conduit fittings,heavy series connector Aluminum connectors (FIXED or SWIVEL) Aluminum connectors (BLACK) Aluminum connectors (RED) Straight (US style) 90 degrees (US style) straight (metallic) 90 degrees (metallic) 45 degrees (metallic) swage fittings Stainless steel combination (internal thread) combination (set-screw)