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Electrical flexible conduit systems


Liquid-tight Flexible Metallic Conduit   ( YF-706 )

Delikon Metal Liquid Tight Conduit for industrial and commercial wirings
Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits
PVC Covered Metallic Flexible Liquidtight Conduit For Cables Management
Delikon High Quality Metal Liquid Tight Conduit for both industrial and commercial wiring.

Delikon High Quality
Metal Liquid Tight Conduit

for both industrial and commercial wiring.
Wind and solar power plant


Liquidtight flexible steel conduit (LFMC) is designed for a variety of installations requiring motion, vibration and bending. It offers good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed conductors. The inherent Sunlight UV Resistance of PVC also enables this product to be used in outdoor applications and power transformers wirings.

Liquid Tight Flexible Metal Conduit
Liquid Tight Conduit
with nylon cord filler

*Galvanized steel strip core with more convolutions per meter than other conduits for greater crush strength. *Smooth Heavy Duty PVC sheath *Fully flexible with exceptional mechanical strength *Trade size: 1/4"~4" (square locked, with Nylon cord packing), 5" & 6" Interlocked construction *Liquid-tight  *High mechanical tensile strength *PVC Covering does not wrinkle when bent  liquidtight conduit 

Liquid tight metal conduits Superior liquidtight conduit system


Delikon Metal Liquid Tight Conduit For industrial, medical and electrical applicationsFlexible Liquid-tight Metal conduit (Liquid Tight Conduit) is ideal when used with liquid tight conduit fittings for applications where a high degree of liquid tightness is required. This product is suitable for a number of general purpose applications and ideal for environments with lots of oils and greases such as machine tool workshops.  liquidtight flexible conduit  Durable

1 Delikon Metal Liquid Tight Conduit For industrial, medical and electrical applications: Machine, Power Plant, Railroad ...

Liquid tight flexible metal conduits are widely used in electrical power plant.Nuclear Power Plant Wirings

 Liquid-Tight      -      Sunlight Resistant    -   Suitable For Use Outdoors     -   Suitable For Direct Burial     -   Good Moisture Protection

Liquid-tight flexible Metal conduits

*Durable and long life.
*High tensile strength.
*Inner core made from a spiral wound strip of corrosion resistant galvanized steel.
*Square locked construction with packing for more  strength and smooth wipe clean PVC covering surface. 
*Liquid tight. Complete protection against most liquids and moisture vapor. Resists sunlight (UV Resistant), heat, oil and chemical degradation.

Liquidtight Conduit (Black)
Liquidtight flexible metal conduit is manufactured from an electro-galvanised steel flexible inner core which is pressure coated with an oil resistant, high temperature grade of plasticised PVC. The PVC is keyed into the corrugations of the inner steel flexible core, preventing the PVC from wrinkling when the conduit is bent to its minimum bend radius.
Liquidtight Conduit (Gray)

Liquidtight flexible metallic conduit provides protection for wiring circuits located in extremely wet or damp areas. It is also suitable for machines, tools and equipments where ruggedness is required. Metal Liquid Tight Conduit System
Delikon Liquid Tight Conduits now in extensive use on presses, welders, pumps, blowers, grinders, conveyors, machines and portable tools, automated lines, and in construction, power plants, industry, commerce and transportation.

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>>>Model YF-806
InterLocked Liquid tight Flexible Metal ConduitInterlocked liquid tight conduit for more frequent bending and moving applications.
Also for tighter bend area.

Liquid tight flexible metal conduits with metal wire over-braid for more abrasion resistance and EMI screening.

>>> Model YF-705           Stainless Steel Over Braided Liquidtight Conduit 
Wire over-braiding provides more abrasion resistant,
EMI shielding and resistance to hot metal splashes

Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industry
>>> Model YF-604
(with copper bonding wire)
    Computer Blue Liquid-tight with copper bonding wire  Vacuum jacketed,for economical applications
Braided Flexible Metal Conduit Systems For Industry Wirings
Braided Flexible Metal Conduit Systems For Industry Wirings

Type Trade Size I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Min. Bending Radius (mm) Meters/Coil
YF-70602 1/4" 6.2 6.7 11.4 11.9 50 100
YF-70603 3/8" 12.5 13.0 17.8 18.3 60 50
YF-70604 1/2" 16.1 16.6 21.3 21.8 80 50
YF-70606 3/4" 20.7 21.3 25.9 26.4 100 30
YF-70610 1" 26.3 26.8 33.3 33.8 150 30
YF-70612 1-1/4" 35.0 35.5 42.6 43.1 180 20
YF-70614 1-1/2" 40.0 40.5 47.6 48.0 220 20
YF-70620 2" 51.0 51.5 60.3 60.8 250 15
YF-70624 2-1/2" 63.0 63.7  72.2 73.0 300 10
YF-70630 3" 78.0 78.8 88.2 89.0 450 10
YF-70640 4"  101.8 102.8 113.2 114.0 600 5
5" & 6" large size liquid tight conduits are constructed with a fully interlocked strip for added strength and to prevent unraveling. Resistant to most industrial oils, acids and vapors.

Liquid tight conduit with Interlocked Construction

Type Trade Size I.D. (mm) O.D. (mm) Min. Bending Radius (mm) Meters/Coil
YF-70650 5" (same as YF-80650) 126.0 128.0 133.0 135.0 750 5
YF-70660 6" (same as YF-80660) 149.0 151.0 156.0 158.0 900 5

Flexible conduit systems for marine cables protection
flexible liquidtight conduit flexible conduit flexible liquidtight conduit liquidtigt metal conduit
Liquid tight Flexible Steel Conduit for Oil Refinery Wiring
flexible liquidtight conduit
Heavy duty, non-wrinkling smooth durable PVC jacket for exposed applications.
Superior performance and appearance, creating a liquidtight conduit resistant to most oils, acids and vapors present in industrial environments.
Liquidtight Steel Conduits System     Sealing Cord added to the convolutions of the core
Suitable for use in a variety of environments and applications from general purpose wiring in wet or damp locations, to direct burial and in concrete embedment, to raised computer room floors and site lighting jobs. It offers good mechanical and moisture protection to enclosed electrical conductors.Complete Range of Delikon Quality Liquid Tight Conduits

*We are also dedicated to "cut-to-length" order for flexible conduits. Consult Delikon for details
*All sizes and dimensions listed above are subject to manufacturing tolerances.
 flexible liquidtight conduit
*Standard Packaging:
PVC woven sheet wrappings. Other custom packaging methods or of longer length is also possible upon request and our approval. Also Refer To:
Braided Flexible Metal Conduit  Flexible S.S. Conduit
refer to Braided Conduit System for heavy industry Braided Flexible Metal Conduit Liquid tight connectors,fittings
 For Industry Automation
Nylon Conduit For Robot Corrugated Nylon Conduit System For Industry Robot Wiring

Suitable connectors ( LT Metal Connectors )

Aluminum connectors (FIXED or SWIVEL) Aluminum connectors (BLACK) Aluminum connectors (RED) Straight (US style) 90 degrees (US style) straight (metallic) 90 degrees (metallic) 45 degrees (metallic) swage fittings Stainless steel combination (internal thread) combination (set-screw) Non Metallic Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings
Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Non Metallic LT Fittings