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Combining innovative design with dedicated manufacture Delikon offers customers the widest possible selection of electrical cable management products and solutions. The whole range covers metallic, non-metallic and composite flexible conduit systems for the protection of electrical, coaxial, data and telecommunications cabling. Liquidtight metal connectors, brass connectors, and EMT fittings all enhance the range of cable management products.   High Performance Racing Hose DELIKON Racing Hose offers unsurpassed levels of performance and reliability for your tough performance applications. Applications include fuel, lube, coolant and air.

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Electrical liquidtight flexible metal conduits,LT connectors
Industry, machine tools, commercial, ships & trains, Racing engine hosecar racing ...


Delikon, leading manufacturer of flexible conduit and liquid tight conduit fittings

High quality metal fittings for flexible metal conduit, liquid tight conduit, braided conduit
 High quality metal fittings for flexible metal conduit, liquid tight conduit, braided conduit ...
 NPT PG PF Metric Threads Liquid tight Connector, Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings for machine
Liquidtight connectors
Liquidtight Fittings For DELIKON Ultratite flexible steel conduit, Liquidtight metal conduit
Liquidtight metal conduit, clean, smooth metal interior for easy wire-pulling and requires no special tools for cutting or bending. Sunlight resistant.
metal liquid tight connector and liquid tight conduitUltratite flexible metal conduit Provides the safest possible protection from moisture, oil, chemicals, acid, alkaline and the ozone. Tough Ultrabond, anchored polyvinyl chloride, extruded cover seals the spirally-wound, square-locked flexible galvanized steel core. Eliminates maintenance and downtime due to wiring failure. PVC jacket is made with a sunlight resistant compound. The Steel Liquid Tight Conduit is one of many top quality items from DELIKON. Liquidtight metal conduit provides superior wire protection in damp environments.
Liquidtight connector
 Typical Applications for the metal connectors:            Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings
Flexible conduit connectors and fittings
Industry Automation Flexible Conduit Fittings with   BSP , PG , METRIC , NPT , INTERNAL THREADS
Delikon Angle and Straight Liquid Tight Connector
Delikon Stainless Steel Liquid Tight Connectors offer corrosion resistance and the strength of stainless steel for the highest levels of endurance.

Delikon Big Size Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings, Liquid Tight Conduit

Big Size Liquid Tight Conduit Fittings, Liquid Tight Conduit Size 5" & 6"
Most suitable for power station, bridges, water treatment plant, and large commercial buildings wiring. G, NPT, METRIC or PG threads
Delikon Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Connector (NPT Threads)
Delikon Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Connector is suitable for use with Non-Metallic liquid tight conduit, corrugated nylon conduit & PVC coated flexible metallic conduit. NPT thread.
YF-705 SM-701 YF-704 PBF WNS Braided Flexible Metal Conduit braided small ID tubing Braided flexible conduit assembly Liquid tight Computer Blue
YF-705 SM-701 YF-704 PBF WNS SM70001 AT-SL-BRAIDED Assembly YF-706 YF-604
YF-707 Zero Halogen Water Proof Flexible Metal Conduit PB PE YF-708 YF-703 Stainless steel Over Braided Flexible Metal Conduits for steel mills electrical wirings
YF-707 LSHF-707 PB PE YF-708 YF-703 AT Over Braided Flexible Metal Conduits


Metal Wire Over Braided Flexible Conduits (Abrasion & Hot Metal Splashes Resistant, EMI/RFI shielding)
ed extensively in the machine tools,
petrochemical industrial and other industrial environments
They are also designed to protect sensitive electronic circuits in applications such as communications, radar and data transmission.
EMI/RFI Shielding Flexible Conduits, Industry Wiring Braided Conduits

Metal overbraided flexible steel conduits for automation applications
Where continuous movement, vibration, high speed and continuous cycling automated systems are concerned, braided flexible conduit has been specifically designed to deal with all the stresses relating to such applications. It has ability to work at high speed for long period offering total reliability for cable protections. 
 For Mining & Metal


Aluminum liquidtight connectors straight (metallic) 90 degrees (metallic) 45 degrees (metallic) Straight (US style) 90 degrees (US style) combination (internal thread) Connectors in different colors Stainless steel Screw In
Brass connectors combination (set-screw) Ferrule straight (nylon) 90 degrees (nylon) EMT Fittings swage fittings Non Metallic Cable Fittings Lock nuts
YABS, All metal connector Connectors of all metal construction

Connectors of all metal construction, most suitable for high temperature wirings. For braided flexible metal conduit and flexible steel conduit.

YABS Connectors of all metal construction

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Flexible Metal Conduit Connectors & Fittings

Flexible Metal Conduit Connectors & Fittings

Delikon produces a whole range of high quality metallic connectors and fittings for connecting flexible metal conduit to a box or enclosure, or coupling a flexible conduit to an EMT. Available in different styles and sizes:

* Liquid Tight Conduit Connectors, Fittings
(LT connectors)
* Flexible Conduit / EMT Combination Coupling
      Flexible Liquid Tight Metal Conduit


Suitable for our whole range of electrical flexible conduits.

Overbraided Flexible metal conduit,water proof Overbraided Flexible metal conduit,water proof
Emc screening
for petrochemical industry wirings

Galvanised Steel Conduit with PVC Covering, Stainless Steel overbraid, EMC ShieldingAn inner core of pvc jacketed flexible steel conduit with an additional layer of stainless steel braid allows operation in high temperature areas and gives good protection from flame and sparks. Braided flexible conduit is also suitable for screening of ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE.
Galvanised Steel Conduit with PVC Covering, Stainless Steel overbraid Braided flexible steel conduit provides excellent EMI and RFI shielding, as well as mechanical protection
Motorsport Stainless Steel Braided Racing Hose Our quality racing hose features a stainless steel double woven braid for excellent performance and protection against heat, corrosion and abrasion. The superior quality construction allows excellent flexibility, while still maintaining this structural integrity. The fray resistant construction keeps the outer braiding tight when cut.