High Performance Racing  High Performace Hose For Automobiles, Marine Engines, Race Boats / AN Plumbing
For maximum protection and reliability, more professionals and enthusiasts choose high performance hose. Constructed with a stainless steel outer braid that resists abrasion and corrosion, it has a synthetic rubber liner that is embedded with a partial coverage stainless steel inner braid and all these layers are then bonded together for 50% more strength. High performance hose will not collapse under extreme heat, yet is extremely flexible.

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High Performance Racing Hose
Braided Race Hose
High Performance Racing Hose    Long-lasting durability
High Pressure Capabilities = Greater Reliability At High Speed!

Suitable for: Fuel lines, Oil lines, Heater hoses, Radiator hoses ...
High Performance Braided Racing Hose Race car AN Plumbings
High Performance Racing Hose    A professional performance Stainless Steel Braided Hose for high speed racing.         Your best choice!
Performance Racing Hose Delikon has established itself as the leader in flexible hose technologies for automobiles, marine and industrial engines. 
racing hose
By utilizing our state-of-the-art machinery and complete knowledge of stainless steel braided hose, we are able to provide fast, efficient solutions exceeding customers' expectations whilst maintaining the high degree of quality associated with Delikon Performance Racing Plumbing Products.
  Marine Race Engine Hose  Marine Engine Performance Hose Our hose and braid is offered in the highest quality materials that meet or exceed even the most stringent service conditions that industry demands. 
         OEM & ODM

      S.S. Braided Racing Hose 
               (AN hose & hose ends)   
Braided Hose for high performance racing
Race cars are routinely equipped with braided hose to protect against leakage caused by abrasion and collision. NHRA rules allow no more than 12 inches of exposed rubber hose over the entire length of the fuel system. NASCAR won't allow any exposed rubber hose at all. The only acceptable alternative, then, is braided hose.   racing hose
  Stainless steel braid for high pressure
Delikon high performance automotive stainless steel braided hose is here to meet your requirements! It is compatible with most fuels, coolants, and oils.

High performance hose for safe, sure plumbing.1

Double-layer braidings
high performance hose features an inner liner of Acrylnitrile butadiene rubber (NBR rubber is well known for its oil & fuel  compatibilities.). A partial coverage protective sheath of 304 stainless steel braid is embedded in the liner during manufacture. A full-coverage outer protective sheath of 304 high tensile stainless steel wire braid is then tightly woven around and bonded to the reinforced hose liner. Racing Engine Hose
A high performance hose which combines strength and flexibility, this hose is the best choice for your race car oil, fuel, coolant, water and air supply lines.

 High pressure rating due to the stainless steel braid inner  

 reinforcement, ideal for all Competition Fuel, Oil and Water 

 lines. This is a hose with strength, beauty, and flexibility.

High Performance Hose

Clean and Fast Flowing                   
Performance racing Hose   

Race Hose Size: -4, -6, -8 , -10, -12, -16, -20 AN

high performance hose

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Braided PTFE Hose For Motor Bikes,Racing Cars

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Stainless Steel Braided High Pressure Racing PTFE Hose

High pressure rating

S.S. Braided PTFE Hose
A durable and professional hose for 
high pressure power steering lines

     Motor car flexible hose
Braided Smooth Bore

PTFE hose is flexible and strong and when combined with stainless steel braid can perform under high pressure and continuous flexing and vibration conditions.
High Performance Racing Plumbings
Race Hose

PTFE hose can withstand temperatures from -100F to +500F (-73C to + 260C) under most operating conditions.
The smooth bore PTFE hose is constructed of an extruded virgin PTFE with a 304 stainless steel wire braid. The wire braid acts as a pressure carrier and a protective covering. Motorbike & Car Racing Hose