Installation tips for flexible conduits, hose

Cutting flexible metal conduit

Flexible conduit (flex) and tubing should also be cut with a hacksaw. Because of its spiral construction, flex should be cut at an angle so that only one ribbon is cut all the way through. A slight reverse twist will separate the two ends.

Stainless steel constructions
Stainless Steel SMALL BORE Conduit

Cutting braided hose

When cutting braided hose, clean up any burrs and ragged edges on the end of the hose. This helps to ensure a secure, leak-free seal between the hose and the fitting. Wrap the end with electrical tape before cutting to help minimize burrs and ragged edges.

Double Braided Stainless Steel Racing Hose,With Strong Mechanical Bond Between Layers.

High Performance Hose used
in the sport of drag racing